EMILDIFIC is a brand of Philippine-made gold and silver jewelries designed and crafted by skilled artisans.

Emildific is derived from the name of its founder, Emily Opida, and a play on adjectives like artistic or fantastic. Emildific, thus, is a unique word to describe the jewelries we offer and all the indescribable feelings associated with owning it.

Chief Visionary Officer Emily's passion for business traces back to the year 2010 when she was hands on in the meticulous crafting of bib necklaces. What started as a small gig eventually grew into a desire to go deeper into the jewelry industry.

With a variety of jewelry designs eagerly requested by her clients and happily accommodated by Emily; the word continues to spread. Her brand earned its niche as your "Go-to" for the artistic and fun execution of your personalized jewelry needs.

After years, the designer stuck to her passion for creating and now ventures into designing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and wedding rings with various gemstones and diamonds set into precious metals such as silver and gold which are all then handmade with care and precision by skilled jewelers.

Now, with a very intuitive back end team, we have the ability to understand your design vision even through online communication.

Our team dreams of giving back to people and for its recent project, we are collaborating with selected local influencers to produce jewelries to raise funds for organizations that help our community.


Emildific has its own unique twist of wit and fun, making it friendlier. Our light-heartedness strikes a balance with the fine craftsmanship we deliver.

We aspire to be an entity of substance. We want to add value to the world through our products and our philosophy. 

We want to make people happy. We give genuine recommendations that achieve the right results — the ones that spark joy.  


Customizing Jewelries
Can’t find the exact jewelry piece you envision? Then let’s create! Send us a message and we will guide you! 

Any jewelry that doesn’t fit you or a love one? Send it to us and we’ll easily resize it to fit your very needs.

Do you own faded jewelry? Send us a photo and we’ll let you know if we can re-plate it for you.

Tired of an old design? We can melt, remodel and design a new one!  

Setting of Stones
Lost a stone from one of your personal pieces? Don’t worry, we can replace it!

What are you waiting for?
Drop us a line and let's get to work! We already can't wait to create with you!