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At Emildific, we hear your story.
We see your vision, and we create your dream jewelries using precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, and with lots of passion. 
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  • HOPE
  • R&E Customized Bracelet
  • AIRA
    A flower-like diamond ring set in yellow gold. With an oblong shaped diamond as the center with small stones all over the ring.
  • JJ
  • Julie
  • Dana
  • Dean
  • Aina
    A square diamond ring. The band are with small diamond stones.
  • Ocampo
  • Celes
  • Lily
  • Humble
  • Janessa
  • Sherry
    A dainty ring with 2 small diamonds at the right center then 3 differemt gemstones for the center and the left side. All set in yellow gold.