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At Emildific, we hear your story.
We see your vision, and we create your dream jewelries using precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, and with lots of passion. 
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  • OLY
    2 wedding bands in white gold detting. For the husband, its the classic white gold ring. For the wife, its in a slant curve design with small diamonds in it.
    4 small round diamonds with a space in between the ring. In white gold setting.
  • Elmer and Mae
    7 small diamonds in a curved design set in white gold. Groom's ring: with 5 small diamonds at the center also in whitw gold.
  • YANA
    Yellow gold ring with 2 lines in it and small round diamonds around the ring.
    A simple wedding band of 18K yellow gold. The classic style.
    White gold band ring surrounded by alternating hearts and paws arouns it.
    Made of round and heart shaped rose cut diamonds.wrapped around your finger with a space at the middle of the ring-- for adjustable ring sizes.
  • EMY
    Wedding Rings Matching set His and Hers White Gold Brushed Matt, Polished edge
  • EMMA
    One ring with a 6mm with made of 18K yellow gold. The other ring with 9 round diamonds at the center also made in 18K yellow gold  with at least 2mm in height.
  • JJ
  • Dean
  • Aina
    A square diamond ring. The band are with small diamond stones.