Two-toned pendant in white gold and yellow gold in D&C initials. Clasp in a yellow gold tauco chain


Elegant and beautifully combined pendant in letters D and C was crafted in 14K gold. Do you want to give such a pendant as a gift or your name, the name of your boyfriend or pet begins with this letter or does it have hidden meaning for you? This question will be interesting for anyone who will see this pendant. It is also interesting because of its combination of yellow gold and white gold.


Product description:

-height 12mm

-width 18mm

-14 karat gold

-chain: 18 karat gold & 16" long

-price ranges between ₱14,800 - ₱16,800

-please send us a message to get an exact quotation

-price may vary depending on factors like design, engraving, size, width, gold content, stones

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