5 Customized Christmas Gifts for the Important People in your Life

Written by Belinda Salazar

Christmas season is in full swing! Long lines in malls and crowded bazaars make it difficult to tick off items from your gift list for your parents, siblings, and loved ones.

Here’s a shopping guide to help you pick out memorable and thoughtful gifts:

1. MOM

heart name necklace

Heart Name Necklace

Who wouldn’t want their children’s names on a necklace? Cross out the generic items (goodbye mugs and towels!) on your list and give her this heartwarming gift. This is the perfect embodiment of the saying “If you care about them, keep them close to your heart.” Since my siblings and I are not always with our mom, this will always remind her of our love.


fingerprint necklace

Fingerprint Necklace

Males are interested in mysterious, intricate, and complex patterns. This is a sure-fire hit for the men in your life because it is a pattern-pendant. Who would have thought that pattern could be imprinted on jewelry? You could use your fingerprint, your mom’s or your grandparent’s. What better way to encapsulate someone’s identity than to immortalize his/her fingerprint mark – literally a one-of- a-kind trait! Forget the handkerchief and socks combo that I have been getting my father, brother and uncles over the years; I’m giving this fingerprint ring!


stacking gold ring

Stacking Gold Ring with Diamond

I used to worry what type of accessory I should give my fashionable grandmothers and aunts. But this type of ring is the answer – it is elegant and versatile, perfect for my sophisticated family. I’ve been keeping my family’s heirloom of gemstones. I think it’s time to put them into good use!


harry potter silver ring

Personalized Ring

Pay attention to what your significant other likes (crystals, birthstones, gems). Surprise them this Christmas with personalized jewelry. Anything custom-made signifies the giver’s intent to hand something that is unique, distinct, and personal.


signature ring

Signature Ring

Females generally have neat, beautiful, and striking handwriting. So why not capture their beautiful strokes and slants and incorporate them into iconic jewelries? This is definitely a must-buy for the women in my life. I just have to figure out how to grab some documents with their signatures!

I am grateful that I chanced upon Emildific, a brand that personalizes jewelries in all shapes and sizes. These products will make my loved ones feel valued because the jewelries resonate their personalities.

Farewell to the Christmas shopping stress! Opt for a convenient and quality shopping experience through Emildific.

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