The pendant with a mission - be kind to all kinds - Karen Toyoshima Jewelry Design for Pawssion Project

 Karen Toyoshima, animal advocate, volunteer, pet paren

I’m Karen Toyoshima, an actress, kendoist & athlete, rescuer, volunteer, animal advocate & a pet parent.

Adopting, (Pet) Parenting, Rescuing, Volunteering & Advocating, these are the things I’m always passionate about. Pet Parenting is tough but a very fulfilling job. Raising a dog can be like raising a child. Unlike a human child however, you can’t simply negotiate with your dog. As a pet parent, authority, control & clear communication will be the foundation of raising a happy, calm & well mannered family pet.

Series of unfortunate events in the world & especially in our country made me realize that i should get more involved. The Taal Eruption happened not too long ago was already a huge eye-opener to me. At that time, some towns in Batangas were completely on lockdown. We had to do several rescue missions during the peak of the eruption. Upon entering the 14km danger zone area in Agoncillo, several earthquakes happened already. We had to rescue whatever we can around the area. Some needed additional aid due to hunger & dehydration. 

Every day is a battle of survival most especially to these neglected animals. Let’s not forget those who cannot provide on their own, alone. As they wander around looking for food & water, that’s where all the risk comes in. We all share the same fear & worry about the future. Let us sympathize & offer whatever we can.

Through the years, I met so many amazing people along the way & became my biggest inspirations. People with the same vision as me, people from ANGKOP (Ang Animal Ko Protektado) & PAWSsion Project, all the caretakers, volunteers & advocates. We can’t save them all but we can speak up for these animals & let people know their realities.

As we continue our mission to help these animals, I would like to share my collaboration with EMILDIFIC Jewelries. Designed by yours truly for the benefit of PAWSsion Project. Part of the proceeds will go to the animals in need & support PAWSsion Project’s ongoing programs. I hope you guys will support this & be with us in this advocacy.

Paw necklace silver plated in yellow gold

Thank you to all of you who believed in our advocacy. Donors, volunteers & advocates, marami pong salamat sa patuloy na pag-abot ng tulong at suporta. Through crisis, may we learn the importance of communication & openness, the beauty & power of coming together & that there is love. We don’t need so much. Living is already a gift. May we all learn to “be kind to all kinds”.


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