Proper Care for your Jewelry

  • It is best to clean your jewelry whenever you can. The simplest way is to use liquid soap to remove residue and rinse with warm water. Just make sure that your jewelries are completely dry before storing them. Professional jewelry cleaners even use hair dryers to be assured of 100% dryness. Gently pat with microfiber or soft cloths to aid the drying, to remove unnecessary patches and to prevent scratches.


  • Certain substances or chemicals used in alcohols, perfumes, lotions and hair products will cause discoloration to your jewelry. 
  • When going for a swim, you must remember to remove your jewelry to prevent damage from chlorine.


  • Silver and Gold Jewelries maintain their luster when it is always worn and in contact with skin. It is not recommended to store the jewelry for a long time in an enclosed container and within a moist environment a.k.a bathroom, as they easily tarnish. If you need to store them, always make sure they are in a dry container, within a dry environment, and they are free of thumb marks & other chemicals because they will react to everything while being stored. (Please go back to number 1 instruction when cleaning)

Above all enjoy your jewelry, its a work of art. It is intended to be used not only to be appreciated but for the metal to maintain its luster as well.